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Bee sting bulls-eye

Posted: Mon 31 Oct 2016 4:44
by amr
I've been computer-less for some time -- why I've been absent. I gave a general background/lyme history when I signed up here and Eva Sapi's research on Doxycycline causing the spirochettes to form biofilms (round bodies) ... which I was shown by others, that it had already been posted - Thankfully! Seems that so many haven't taken that research seriously or haven't known. Our local newspaper is still pushing Doxy on new Lyme patients. :bonk:

Just wanted to post a quick one here on a bee sting I got Sept 22. After a week & 2 days, it formed into a large bulls-eye rash. I've only been allergic to bee stings, ant & mosquito bites since contracting Lyme.
Found "Bee Venom used in treating Lyme" in a search. My reaction to all of these insects is a long lasting topical swelling, burning itch and then a day or two after, systemically feeling ill. This was the first at forming into a bulls-eye. The worst of it this time has been pelvis pain from my spine to the front of my hip bone - first on left side for 2-3 wks that's now on the right side.

Having read enough now on borrelia living off of collagen; that explains the accelerated aging I've experienced and the joint & bone problems as well.

Just wanted to share this with others, for what it's worth - that I believe bee stings can aggravate/wake-up/do whatever to borellia spirochettes.

Thanks to all here that post helpful-friendly posts and to those that run this site. Glad to be back to read here.