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International information

Post by RobertF » Mon 30 Jul 2007 17:06

Hallo Lymies,
I think this forum is a good initiativ. It would be interesting to see how the Lyme situation is in the different countries.
Of special interest is the following;
Figurs of Lymepatients annually.
What do law makers do?
Are there threatment guidelines?
What is the attitute of ensurance companies towards Lymetreatment?
Is there anofficial Lymedisease society?
What are the main problems people are confronted with?
How can we work to gether or learn form each other?

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Re: International information

Post by cave76 » Sun 4 Nov 2007 2:51


I just saw your post. Did no one reply yet?

I'm an American, but I imagine that other Europeans could answer.

You asked:

***Is there anofficial Lymedisease society?***

There's LDA (Lyme Disease Action) found at:

There may be a German one also, but I'm not sure.

Welcome. I hope you'll post more and get answers to your questions.

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Re: International information

Post by artur737 » Sun 4 Nov 2007 4:59

<Figures of Lyme patients annually.>
A few thousands per year in statistics (in real life most likely a few hundred thousands, doctors are not knowledgeable, ID doctors often refuse LD diagnosis)
<What do law makers do?>
Take care of their own business I guess.
<Are there treatment guidelines?>
At present there are efforts to make a Polish version of IDSA guidelines :(
There is some resistance to it.
<What is the attitude of insurance companies towards Lyme treatment?>
ILADS treatment not covered by general insurance. Patients pay for private visits and for drugs.
<Is there an official Lyme disease society?>
Yes, the website is right here:
<What are the main problems people are confronted with?>
Variety. Lack of funds for treatment, lack of social support, small number of drs willing to treat by ILADS guidelines, lack of important drugs used for treatment such as Mepron or Minocycline, .
<How can we work to gether or learn form each other?>
I don't know that yet.

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