concerted political action

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concerted political action

Post by hanegalen » Fri 3 Aug 2007 16:49

Hello everybody.
Congratulations with this new site.
I very much hope that some sort of political action for the improvement of treatment- options for Lyme Patinets may be one of the outcomes of this forum.
It is desperatlely needed.

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Re: concerted political action

Post by Hanita » Sun 21 Oct 2007 17:17

I also want to congratulate LymenetEuropa with the new site and forum.
A great initiative to start exchanging information internationaly.
In the Netherlands we try to get attention for the Tick disease issue by raising a new foundation: Stichting Tekenbeetziekten.
We truly hope we can contribute to changing the situation for patients suffering from a Tick disease, as this forum is also an important development in uniting the forces in Europa to do so.


Hanita Beumkes

Our website:

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Re: concerted political action

Post by cave76 » Mon 29 Oct 2007 18:36

My question----- I know a couple of people who might be an asset here (politically for sure) but they're in the U.S. The politics are different when talking about what state or insurance difficulties or ??

But there are many similarities on both sides of the ocean.

What do you think their impact (if any) might be on a European board. (I haven't presented to them---- and don't even know if they'd be interested.)

Just thinking.

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