Physician Education Resources

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Physician Education Resources

Post by tomgrier » Tue 5 Feb 2008 23:30

Thanks for the great site, it is long overdue!

I am currently creating a CME program for physicians on Lyme disease which is entirely pathology/microbiology oriented including slides from a brain-autopsy of a dementia patient from Wisconsin with intraneuron and extracellular spirochetes. I would encourage any researcher or physician that can contribute material to this project to write me.

All slides, photos or documented case histories of antibiotic treatment failure, and or supported pathology slides are welcomed. Thanks for this site and those interested in promoting good science.

Tom Grier

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Re: Physician Education Resources

Post by cave76 » Wed 6 Feb 2008 2:12

Tom------ So good to have you here!!! I hope you continue to post.

(Just ignore LymeCafe. :D That's where a bunch of us let off steam--- especially after the Lymenet USA implosion.)

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