To Martian

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To Martian

Post by cave76 » Thu 7 Feb 2008 1:29


This site is GREAT!

Some of us (me first!) probably aren't. :(

Have some patience, as you already have.

I appreciate Lymenet Europe a whole bunch.

I'd give a Group Hug (or even a single Hug), but Admin hasn't put them on the Smilies yet. :)

This site is just what we've wanted.

Please don't let us screw it up. :bonk: :bonk: :D

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Re: To Martian

Post by kelmo » Thu 7 Feb 2008 3:53

I agree with Cave.

My participation lately has been observer (and we all say "amen").

Those slinging sarcasm need to stop...please. Or, take it off the board. Go beat a pillow

Rita...I didn't know you had such a wonderful website. I think I signed up as a member years ago, but I haven't had it bookmarked. Need to delve further.

Thank you Martian.

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