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Direct Connection special: Lyme Disease, June 27, 2011

Posted: Mon 28 May 2012 23:50
by tosho
Host Lou Davis speaks to Dr. Eugene Shapiro of Yale University, Dr. Robert Edelman of University of Maryland School of Medicine, and Lyme disease sufferer Mandy Hughes about the ongoing debate over the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease.

Dr. Shapiro:
[...] patients [...] should see a competent primary care doctor, who can explore a full range of possible causes of their symptoms {...]
And he tells this to people who already earlier visited dozens of pfysicians before finding out it were tickborne infections?

Dr. Shapiro:
[...] taking antibiotics and feeling better doesn't mean that the antibiotics are the reason that you felt better. It may have something to do with beliefs that this doctor cares for me, I'm doing something to help myself [...].
Sure, tell this to people who went misdiagnosed for years, were housebound or even sometimes bedbound, tried wrong treatments for diseases they were misdiagnosed with ("surprisingly" with no placebo effect) and didn't get better until finding out the real cause and trying longterm antibiotics.

Dr. Auwaerter:
Lyme Disease can be successfully treated with 10-28 days of antibiotics.